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05 March 2024
9:30 - 10:10
Meet me at the Kaminlounge / Messe Stuttgart

Zukunft gestalten: Wie Career-Boarding junge Talente bindet 

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Let me know if you are planning a guest lecture, are interested in booking me as a speaker, or just want to meet. Here are a number of possible topics we could discuss:

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Schreib-Challenge für Promovierende

02 April 2024
18:30 - 20:00
Online / For free!


Work hard - play hard 

After a two-year break, the Science Watch Party from the Haus der Wissenschaft finally took place again. We were invited to the 381 event location of Öffentliche Versicherung Braunschweig and watched the film "Work hard - Play hard". In a panel discussion, Dr Stefan Gründler, Sven Schmeisser and I were able to discuss the movie and the reality of today's working world.

The 1% Pleasure of Being a Pracademic 

In the fast-paced world of work, collaboration between academia and practice is not just valuable - it's essential! My brother in science, Dr Joshua Haist, and I have been on this exciting pracademic journey together. And we only meet in person 1% of the time. 

Human Relations Collective - event

Why don't I believe in generation management? I answered this question as part of a series of lectures organised by The most modern HR community in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

What is HR doing at a global IT event anyway? 

In light of a revealing 2022 Bitkom study, which found that it takes an average of 7.1 months to fill a new position in IT, we knew it was time to bring this critical issue to the forefront. At my organisation we collaborate across departments to foster our organisational success.

Science Slam - Haus der Wissenschaft

I had the incredible opportunity to attend a Science Slam in Braunschweig, organised by Haus der Wissenschaft Braunschweig and supported by Öffentliche Versicherung Braunschweig at their fantastic event location 381. 

My almuni story!

Dr Annica Lau, who explored retaining young talent in the workplace, is graduating with a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).
Read more here!

Graduation 2023 Worcester

In 2023 I received my Doctor of Business Administration degree at the University of Worcester. That day created an everlasting memory, one that serves as a reminder of the heights that can be reached through hard work and determination.

Speaker #RC23 Festival

Yes, I was presenting my research results again and answered the question: Why do expectations change when young professionals start their career?
And by the way: My first HR Future Slam victory!

4th HRIC Conference 2023

The conference was hosted at the Sun City Convention Centre in South Africa from 31 May 2023 to 2 June 2023.
Guess what: Came back as the best presentation award winner.

Psychological Contract (PC) Small Group Conference 

KEDGE Business School Bordeaux Campus - 16 May 2023 to 17 May 2023
My presentation on the data collection method: video statements.